Remember that whenever you look without and react unfavorably to what you see, you have judged yourself unworthy and have condemned yourself to death. The death penalty is the ego’s ultimate goal, for it fully believes you are a criminal, as deserving of death as God knows you are deserving of life. The death penalty never leaves the ego’s mind, for that is what it always reserves for you in the end. Wanting to kill you as it’s final expression of feeling for you, it lets you live but to await death. It will torment you while you live but it’s hatred is not satisfied until you die. For your destruction is the one end toward which it works, and the only end with which it will be satisfied.

~A Course in Miracles



Just as kusha grass wrapped around rotting fish will soon begin to smell the same,
A person who associates with bad friends, in time, will certainly come to resemble them.

Shun unvirtuous friends who have bad characters, cynical outlooks, and prejudice,
Believe their own view to be the best, are boastful, and disparage others.

~The Treasury of Knowledge, Buddhist Ethics

Often the messa…


Often the message of illness is to be quieter and spend some time just being in contact with our inner self. Illness often forces us to relax, let go of all our busyness and “efforting”, and drop into a deep, quiet level of consciousness where we can receive the nourishing energy that we need.

The healing always comes from within. When we allow ourselves quiet and inner contact regularly, we no longer need to get sick in order for our inner self to get attention.

Illness and “accidents” are messages that our concepts need changing or some inner problem needs to be resolved. Get as quiet as you can, listen for your inner voice and ask what your message is, or what it is that you need to understand in this situation.

~Shakti Gawain