The Strength of Peace

Yoga gives firmness of body, clarity of intelligence, cleanness of heart. That is peace, and by looking at that peace, others will learn. Cultivate that supreme strength of peace, joy and delight. Then others, seeing the joy in you, will say, ‘I want to enjoy too.’ You are a true helper of society when the pupil comes to you, instead of you going to him. Then it is a pure teaching and a pure message.

~B.K.S. Iyengar from The Tree of Yoga



Often the messa…


Often the message of illness is to be quieter and spend some time just being in contact with our inner self. Illness often forces us to relax, let go of all our busyness and “efforting”, and drop into a deep, quiet level of consciousness where we can receive the nourishing energy that we need.

The healing always comes from within. When we allow ourselves quiet and inner contact regularly, we no longer need to get sick in order for our inner self to get attention.

Illness and “accidents” are messages that our concepts need changing or some inner problem needs to be resolved. Get as quiet as you can, listen for your inner voice and ask what your message is, or what it is that you need to understand in this situation.

~Shakti Gawain

Yogic Transformation

Yoga is not meant to serve as an escape from your life. If anything, it is an invitation to dive deeper; to get really up close and personal with all your flaws, your habits, your beliefs, your issues, your current life circumstances, and ask yourself: is this really working for me? If the answer is no, yoga will give you the courage to get really honest with yourself and change what isn’t working. It probably won’t be easy, it definitely won’t be pretty, but will it be worth it? Hell. Yes.

There is no greater or more miraculous mode of transformation that the one that comes from deep within the very core of your being. This small voice may start as a quiet, nagging whisper, but over time, and with consistent, dedicated practice, it will manifest itself into a deafening roar so loud that you have no choice but to listen, to challenge yourself, to change, and eventually find true freedom.



Guiding the Breath- Ujjayi

The Principle in Practice

  • Take time to connect with your breath before you begin a movement and then as you practice the asana go slowly enough so that you don’t lose the connection
  • Whenever you notice yourself holding your breath, exhale completely, blowing the air out through your mouth until the last whisper of air leaves your lungs. Wait for the inhalation to begin spontaneously, and then begin the yoga asana again with the support of your breath
  • Slow Down! Roughness, unevenness, or shortness of breath are signs that you are forcing your body to open too quickly or are moving in a way that is creating disharmony


From Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit by Donna Farhi