Mt. Woodson Hike

It was just a regular Saturday, the hubs and I had an event to attend in the Poway area and decided to go for a hike afterward. Not knowing which hikes were nearby, we googled what was closest to us and discovered the Mt. Woodson trail was a fairly short drive away. We had heard about this hike and seen tons of Facebook profile photos of the infamous Potato Chip rock and had wanted to go for a while, so we decided – why not?

Despite the trail being described as “steep” with “rocky terrain”, we figured it would be no big deal, because we’re both in pretty good shape. We discovered quickly that being in running, yoga and boot camp shape is much different than hiking shape.

The majority of this hike is uphill and they were not joking when they described the terrain as rocky, there were lots and lots and LOTS of rocks – some of the most beautiful (and BIGGEST) ones I have ever seen. Of course, the Potato Chip rock at the peak of the hike is the one everyone travels the distance for (as was evidenced by the hundreds of people waiting in line to snap a pic on top of it). We decided to forgo the long wait in line and have someone take a picture of us in front of it instead, which was totally fine by me.

This was one of the most challenging hikes I have been on in a while but totally worth it. The feeling of accomplishment after we had reached the top and the gorgeous views left us feeling blissfully exhausted and fulfilled. 

If you decide to challenge yourself to hike Mt. Woodson, remember to wear good hiking shoes, bring lots of water and some sustenance, both for you and your pups if you bring them along.
Happy hiking everyone!









So crazy the “potato chip” could fall at ANY time!




Crow every damn day 🙂