“Don’t hesitate to be very picky about who and what gets your time and attention. Your greatest responsibility is your own happiness. How would you serve the world if your own perspective were to turn small? Surround yourself with everything that reminds you of abundance, peace, and vitality. Then, in the rare case that you come into contact with people that exhibit a LACK of these qualities, instead of feeling sad or guarded, you’ll be so rooted in your own emotional set-point of abundance and well being that you’ll be better equipped, not only to maintain YOUR center, but to influence those experiencing LACK or suffering in a powerful and positive way… just by staying true to your nature.

In essence, your solid, loving presence and thoughts will influence them, even if only on a subtle or subconscious level. To the yogis, this practice of blessing others with positive, hopeful thoughts is known as metta, or loving kindness. As you practice metta, you’ll see in people their beauty, their strength, and their light, even if they can’t.
You’ll be an inspiration, and your vision of them will challenge them to change their perceptions and beliefs about who they are and what they are capable of.

Just by holding your center and looking for what you want to see, instead of observing what-is and judging it as good or bad, you will start to create a shift and a new possibility for being.”


~Kris Ward

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